I have a friend who bought one of the aluminum models this past deer season. I haven't seen it yet. But he likes the solid rubber tires and the fact that they are 16" tires makes handling a little rougher terrain much easier than smaller tires, so he claims. I agree an inflatable tire will give you a more cushioned ride, unless of course you puncture one on the trail.( Note: carry can of fix-a-flat) Does the place you bought yours offer a larger tire? I'll have to go over and load a couple of my 50lb plus pelican cases on it and drag it through his woods and see how it performs. He's getting a little older and he says he would not even attempt hunting alone anymore if he hadn't bought the game hauler. He bagged a nice little 4 point this year and hauled it over a 1/2 mile with the cart and he claims he wasn't even breathing hard. ( Now that claim may be a stretch). Deer hunting tales can be a lot like fishing stories. But I'll let you know what I think of his when I see it.