I can't speak to Tetenal's C-41 specifically, but with the C-41 developers I've used (Paterson and a couple of home-brew recipes), I've used the same agitation regime as I use with B&W -- 30 seconds of continuous agitation followed by 5 seconds (about 5 inversions) every 30 seconds thereafter. The total developing time is 3:15. This works acceptably for me; however, I've done no scientific tests of density, color curves, etc. I do recall that when I first started with C-41 development, the procedure I found (perhaps online or with the Paterson chemicals) specified a slightly different agitation procedure than I'd been using with B&W. It wasn't very different, though, and I decided to stick with my usual B&W procedure so as not to overstuff my brain with too many different procedures. Unfortunately, I don't recall the precise procedure I found.