Hi Martin !

Yes, seems a shame the market for 70mm long rolls is going to be completely gone.

That’s probably true the 70mm film lovers have full freezers of great old stock.

Because I’m a huge fan of using long roll film my freezer is full of discontinued 70mm goods: Plus-X, Tech-Pan, Aviphot-80, Aviphot-200, HP-5+ and Infrared 2424 70mm stuff. This is all great, 70mm aerial, not so old stock.

Over the years, thanks to photonet and APUG members, and recently mainly through e-bay I did purchase of a lot of 70mm materials and processing tools.

70mm backs, cassettes, bulk loaders, dev. tanks and reels are rare, sometimes expensive compare to regular stuff.

But there are several valid reasons for pursuing this 70mm endeavor.

In the fresh B&W MF long rolls world we have not so big choice now:

1/ Efke R100 70mm x 100 ft. roll non-perf $150/roll available at Freestyle
2/ Rollei Infrared 400 70mm perf 30,5m EUR 83/roll
3/ Rollei Ortho 25 70mm x 30m non-perf EUR 166/roll at Macodirect

May be something else I didn’t mention.
There is also excellent Tri-X 220 (TXP320) – the last one in B&W 220, but it’s a little different league.

Standard FP4+ emulsion should compose well in raising 70mm format.
The price GBP 80.50/30m is right and I can’t believe there is so small demand for that great stuff.

There are only 4 rolls ordered except 2 of mine ??? I was very enthusiastic to that enterprise but it looks really sad now.

Martin, mentioning a possibility of fresh FP4+ 70mm rolls in other photo sites should help as well as advertising on Silverprint main home site

Regardless of my full freezer I’m upholding my order for 2-cans of FP4 I did on Silverprint basket before and I’m going to order 2-cans of HP5 in the future. That’s all I can do to support your action.

My feeling is, we have the last chance to rich excellent FP4+ emulsion in 70mm format.

Maybe I should buy the next, big freezer, break the bank and make the order for 30 cans (half the minimum) to go ahead with Harman ?

Jan Wilhelm