O.k. An update here.

I went to OMP and did some searching. After I threw out every wanna-be porn star, I ended up with a handful of possibles. Almost all of whom turned out to be "managed" by some outfit called "Doubletakes" run by a woman named Corinne. As far as I can tell all Corinne does is get people to agree to be managed by her. She is otherwise pretty ineffective and it seems to me a bit dodgy.

I talk to her about TFP. She says she has some girls who will do "'very' partial nudity" for TFP (her bad grammer, not mine). Under my offer I was pretty generous. Offering to shoot what the models NEEDED for their portfolios as well as what I needed (which, since I am developing an art portfolio are very different things). I'd scan all the images onto CD for them, and even provide a certain number of prints. I even offered a contract which made sure I wasn't gonna be selling the pictures etc.

More than fair.

Well then as we hash out a deal, "'very' partial nudity" becomes "you can only show from the waist up, and then only the back straight on." Which if you look at it makes one wonder what "partial nudity" is if that is "'very' partial nudity" is. You see that at the beach and it in no way works for what I want to do. Plus I am informed that this is "at the limit". As if I was pushing too hard here. Not that I would show much more, but this is a nude shoot. Just showing your back doesn't cut it.
And then the kicker comes....

"Well, if they do more than that it will cost you......"

Which makes me feel like this is someone who is trying the old bait-and-switch. They offer one thing and then deliver something else.

Is this normal? I mean is this common? I am feeling like if I do a shoot with these models, they'll do something and then ask to get paid. Or they will show up in parkas and claim showing an ankle is a nude shoot.

Plus this "agency" seems to post a lot for VERY particular TFP shoots. Ones that are very well orchestrated. And strangely enough sound like they are on spec. for a magazine. In other words the photographer shoots for free and the agent sells the images to a magazine and makes out like a bandit.

I am I off base here?