Hey guys.. I'm starting my trek into Bromoil and have the supplies rounded up, prints ready for bleach and tanning, the whole nine.

I bought the bleach kit from Bostick and Sullivan and I'm following Gene Laughter's book. The kit is for three 1 liter bottles of stock to be mixed and it recommends it to be stored in glass amber bottles.

Here are my questions: Is glass necessary for storage? I work in a hospital inpatient pharmacy and I have my pick of plasic amber bottles used for oral liquid medication storage. Is there some issue of the chemicals leaching to the container walls, or possibly degrading the plastic? Glass isn't so easily available.

Secondly, there is no mention of storage stability once it is mixed into the stock bottles. Is there a general guideline? In the ballpark of a day, a week, six months?

Thanks so much! And thanks to Gene Laughter and apug.. his featured portfolio recently really got me interested.