Well, folks, I may have had a partial solution, or at least another option, dropped into my lap, as I've detailed in this subsequent APUG thread.

To summarize, I've discovered that the old beat-up 8x10 view camera given me by my father-in-law some years ago as a decorative piece contains a Goerz Dogmar 10-3/4" lens in a Goerz Compound shutter. They are presently at SK Grimes for CLA, and to investigate the feasibility either of mounting the lens in a modern shutter that will fit a Linhof-style board; or of mounting shutter+lens on such a board, if the shutter can be restored to full function.

Needless to say, I'm excited about the prospect---I'll keep everyone apprised over on the linked thread.

Thanks again for everyone's input.