Scooterman.....First, you are doing nice work with the 12x20 and more importantly you are doing a bunch of work with it. As to your questions, not knowing what kind of Samsonite you have, you will have to see if the wheels can some off. They are usually enclosed in a hard rubber or plastic housing that is bolted on at the bottom. If those can come off, and they most likely can, then you are off to the races. If you have a case that big it should have a handle that pulls out for rolling. If not, one could probably be made. The tires can be purchased at Northern for $13 each but have to be put on an axle. The foam came from Beacon Supply here in Dallas on Quaker St. off Irving Blvd. I had it cut larger than the case then outlined the camera and cut away with an electric carving knife. The Lotus fits down in there like a custom made pair of boots. And I can get 4 holders in the outside zippered front flap. Could you take some photos of your case and send them to me with inside dimensions? I could get them to Mike and we could tell if yours could be converted as he lives in Sunnyvale near Mesquite. You're only 3 hours away and he could knock it out in less than a week. As much shooting as you do, I can promise you that your photo life and your back would like this cart. But the problem is that you would most likely go through more film! If you care to call me it is 214-789-5185.........Tav