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Well the one from the Omega says Rodenstock EL-OMEGAR 1:3,5 f=50mm LENS MADE IN GERMANY around the side.

The one from the Printmaker 35 just says BESLAR 1:3.5 F=50mm JAPAN on the bottom and it only has the F-numbers on the side
These are both fairly basic quality lenses. If it were me, I would try them both out with a moderately large enlargement (you can print just a part of the image if you don't have or want to use large paper).

The two prints will most likely be similar. If one appears sharper, or has better contrast, I'd choose that lens as my main "user" unless and until I got a better one.

If the two prints are about the same, I'd go with the one you find easier to use. That may be the Rodenstock, because of the illuminated f/stops.


P.S. I'm assuming that you are intending to use these for Black & White. If you are also printing colour, you should do the same test with colour materials. Some lenses are better optimized for printing colour.