Jarvman, not sure which brush you are using - Richeson 9010, I hope. If so, let it sit in some Di water for a bit, then when you are ready to coat give it a quick flick, turn flick until you make a full rotation. You will not be leaving much coating material at all - Scootermm has a real nice pdf on the process here that might be of some help. If you want to stay with the rod, that works as well - I did not take to rod coating, but that was me.

In addition to the Arentz book (and I go to it all the time just to refresh what I think I know) the Sullivan & Weese "The New Platinum Print" book is another good reference. It is out of print I think but copies can still be found used. Be sure to watch the drop counts, I started out using less than I needed, but would up the count a bit to find the right place - also, some paper needs more, other paper less - I use between 36-40 drops (FO+Pd) for my 8x10's as an example.