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I have watched this a few times since the first buzz a month or so ago. Very informative and entertaining... but it is the sound that has been echoing in my mind these last few weeks. After thinking about it, (or rather, clearing my mind and letting the associations create themselves) I am almost certain that the musical soundtrack may have been composed by Raymond Leppard, the British conductor and film composer. Of course, it could just be a product of its time, but the music is very similar to his soundtrack for Lord of the Flies, from the same era.
I was doing something a few days ago, my mind is jumping now and I can't focus clearly but I thought I heard part of the music in a movie or commercial... I thought about documenting it but was tired and thought "Why?" "Who cares?"
Maybe I was wrong.
Now I wish I would have looked into it a bit more...
the music is quite distinctive!

Is there a way to hear some of that soundtrack?