Interesting you would ask about equipment... I am using a Koni Rapid Omega (6x7). I will probably only take the 90mm and 60mm lenses and one film back. I am generally not in such a hurry that I can't take time to re-load. I plan on taking a flash, although I don't know how much use it will get. My biggest worry is about a tripod. Early morning and late evening shots will undoubtedly require one, but I am reluctant to haul the darned thing there. I have a Bogen 3021, and with the handles removed I can fit it in a reasonable space, but I wonder if it is worth the hassle. I looked up the UltraPod that has been mentioned, I suppose with some duct tape and a light pole it could work... The other item I am noodling with (and for which suggestions are very welcome) is some sort of small backpack or belt pack to carry one lens and some film.

One travel trick I have learned is to put a lens into a ziplock bag before travel. I had a screw fall out of a lens due to vibration. If it wouldn't have been in a ziplock bag, not only would the screw have been lost, I might not have noticed it was gone for quite a while.