My 8x10 pack and pod weigh 60 pounds. I carry the thing all over the place, but then I am 240 pounds and about 6'3" (and almost 55 yrs old). I've been setting the camera up for so many years that it does not seem overly large or bulky to me. I walk in creeks, up mountains, cross country in the local rainforest...though it is easier on trails. Going with light weight equipment (and less lenses), I could easily take 10 to 15 pounds off my kit. I just might have to go that route someday.

But in the end, I want to shoot 8x10 and the weight just gives me more exercise. So if moving up to 8x10 is important enough to you, you'll pack it where ever you want/need to go.


PS...I have a Zone VI 8x10 and a full size Ries pod and head. The pod is sturdy enough that it doubles as an aid to climbing over boulders, logs and such.