I have just completed a bellows-replacement on my Fuji GS645 folder (75mm, f3.4) and - having run a few rolls of film through it to check for light-tightness - have found that the rangefinder is no longer accurate. In fact, the RF doesn't line up at infinity...

So, I understand that the rangefinder should be fairly straightforward to adjust (I have read that there are two adjustments; for infinity and close focus?), so I intend to do that when the latest roll of film is finished.

However, there is one thing I am unable to figure out... how to get the top of the camera off! I can see there are a few small screws, but I also need to undo the winder, but it won't budge. Is it a left-handed thread, or should I just apply more force?? Are there any tips for removing it (so far I've been using rubber washing-up gloves for grip)