It is real simple. Charge the audience. Like they do for musicians, actors, authors, etc. Think about it.

Local rock bands don't pay nightclubs to let them perform. Hell No! The clubs PAY THE BAND. They get the money to keep the club open by charging the audience.

Actors don't pay to perform in plays. Of course not! They get paid. The theater makes money by charging the audience.

Authors don't pay to get published. Publishers pay the authors. Publishers make money by charging readers for the book.

See a pattern emerging here, guys? Creative people get paid, they don't pay to exhibit/perform/etc. Visual artists are the only creative people stupid enough to allow such an exploitative, parasitic system to exist. Gallery owners get rich while you starve, and half the time the don't care whether they sell your work or not, and selling art is the main function of an art gallery. They are not museums, they are RETAILERS.