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I think you are right.

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Sometimes the camera is choosen for you by your customers, what you do in your own time is something else.


Good morning, Peter;

In what I am doing with events, the desire of the "customer" definitely influences the camera choice: For what I am doing, it is a digital camera. That is the only way that I can get something in a form that they can take with them when they are driving home afterward. Fortunately, the equipment has reached the point now where I can trust it to deliver an acceptable exposure and focus, and I can concentrate on the framing and timing of the shot. Quickly checking with the display confirms that I have something that is "useable." There have been a few occasions when I have over-ridden the light meter to get the exposure I wanted under unusual light conditions.

If they want something a little more formal and with some "fine tuning," then a bit of a delay while I run things through PhotoShop is appropriate. So far, no one has exercized the offer of the film option.

Now if it is something for me, then I can accept the additional time requirement in exchange for the enjoyment of getting the latitude and detail and "feeling" of film, especially in Large Format. I think that is why most of us participate in this forum.