I thought I would see if Glenn had any flanges for a 240mm enlarging lens, Jerold was looking for one. This is the reply I got:


How's that for a "how do you do"? A man of few words I guess, I made two purchases from him in the past.
Sorry Jerold, I guess glenn doesn't have any.

On another note, I was looking at my 14" Kodak Commercial Ektar which has a large flange, the largest one I have, I was looking at my 10" Ilex Paragon lens and saw that the flange on it was large too so tried the Ilex flange on the Kodak and it fit perfectly.

I have the Ektar mounted on a heavy metal lens board for the Calumet C1 and wanted to use it on other cameras like my 8x10 Seneca so I'll mount the Ilex flange on a Seneca board allowing me to swap the lenses when necessary. Does this sound like a good move?