There is a distinction to be made between commercial and personal photography in that the customer dictates, and has the right to dictate, the form of the product. Much of the advertising and product-type photography is required in digi format. It is simply more efficient and convenient to use direct digi-capture for web sites, printing and other promotional uses. We know that a scanned negative or transparency affords substantially greater quality - but if you're displaying on a web site or printing at 150 dpi in a magazine - the clients simply don't care. Even digi-based point-of-sale posters are acceptable because the customers, in general, are not studying these as if in a museum.

For event photography I offer both. Those that want, or may want enlargements often choose film because I show them the difference between an 1x14 from digital, 35mm and medium format - and side-by-side there's a substantial difference.

The end-use is the determinant factor. For Apugger's personal use there is no choice but film - and that is as it should be. There are other "fine artists" out there who insist on digi; - they're entitled to be wrong!

Bob H