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I have a Bogen 3021, and with the handles removed I can fit it in a reasonable space, but I wonder if it is worth the hassle.
Only you can decide if it is worth the effort to bring it. However, at this time of year it can get quite grey and overcast in Heidelberg, having a tripod may mean the difference between getting the shot, and not getting it. FWIW, I have a Bogen 3221W trip that I take everywhere (Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Jordan, etc.). The downside is that it is a bit heavy; I am planning on replacing it with a carbon fiber trip before my next trip.

As for film, I have not had any problem with with putting it in my handcarry. However, I generally use Fuji QuickLoads, although on my last trip I had a 50 sheet box of Efke PL100 - no problems there. The only place I have ever had trouble with film was in Melbourne, Australia. When I visited Germany in 2003 - arriving at Frankfurt - the customs people barely checked my passport and totally ignored my luggage.