I just ordered and received a Horseman VH-R with 3 lenses and a 6x9 back. I can pack the whole set, together with a loupe and Sekonic L758d lightmeter in a Lowepro ProMag 2 AW. I sold a Fuji GX680 system to get this. I like to photograph landscapes and the GX was just way too heavy to carry for long distances, even in the Kelty P2 I bought from Photobackpacker. As an example, in the same Lowepro bag I could only fit the GX680 with a back and lens mounted. The Sekonic went into the frontpocket.

The Horseman has a baby Graflock back, weighs 2 kilo, the back and lenses are light, I guess 3 kilo's all together including the camera. There are other choices, like Linhof Technika (a 6x7 model Technika 70 and a 2x3 model). The linhof system is much more expensive, especially the rollfilmbacks. I used a Linhof Technika 70 a decade ago for a while. Though it is often said that the Linhof is better made than the Horseman, I don't see too much differences.

I hope this helps, all the best and good luck with your choice,