Ebony makes a couple of 2x3" wooden cameras, and the lightweight 2x3" Galvin monorail might be another option. There are 2x3" Graphics and the 2x3" B&J Watson and Busch Pressman, but I don't know that there was a 2x3" Super Speed Graphic.

I have a 2x3" Technika (Tech V 23b--identical to the last version, but in tan rather than black), and I quite like having a camera that doubles as a view camera or a rangefinder press camera, and the Linhof backs probably have the best film flatness of anything out there. Linhof Super-Rollex backs for the 2x3" Linhofs are generally less expensive on the used market than Linhof rollfilm backs for the 4x5" cameras, just because there is less demand for them. Later models (Tech 70 and Tech V 23 and 23b) can still be cammed by Marflex for your lenses, and it's somewhat less expensive than having lenses cammed for the 4x5" Technika, because one 3-lobed 2x3" cam is cheaper than 3 individual 4x5" cams. If you are looking at an earlier model, it's best to find a kit with three cammed lenses included.