Just about the most portable 4x5 camera would be a Crown Graphic or Super Graphic. They can do all you ask, except use extremely long lenses, but there is a work-a-round for that, by using one of the many excellent "telephoto" lenses made by Schneider, Nikon, Fuji, Komura, etc. which would work fine for portraiture, and allow you to focus with the bellows you have on the camera. All the late-model Graphic cameras have Graflok backs and can take a variety of roll-film backs. The Graphics have dropping beds, which allow for clearance for wide angle lenses. You have a reasonable amount of front movements (rise, shift, tilt) with a 90mm Super Angulon type of lens. They also work well with the current Fuji 4x5 Instant film and Instant film backs.

Of course, I am talking about used gear, as these cameras have been discontinued for many years, yet there are plenty of them around.