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By "facing material" you mean the polyester separator
sheets? I can't see that an issue. Pre dried by sponge or
squeegee and placed upon those non-wetting separators
precludes contact with the corrugated board. No more
than water vapor transfers from the prints, through
the boards facing's, and out of the stack. A print
layer with top and bottom separators. Dan
My Corrugated Board Stack Dryer has evolved some.
A few have mentioned edge waving or frilling. It is not
due to humidity. It is due to a differential in the rate of
drying. With some drying methods the very edges are in
effect more exposed. The more rapid drying induces stress.

Interestingly with corrugated board the waving only
occurs if the print's outer edges are placed close to the
open ends of the corrugations. Edges within the stack and
those parallel with the corrugations show no sings of waving.
Likely those using platen drying methods, heated or other
wise, will observe the same.

I placed prints deeper within the stack and that cured my
minor case of wavy outer edges. Also, I managed to reduce
the post dryer development of the inevitable gentile concavity
towards the emulsion side by drying emulsion to emulsion
with a separator twixt. So the stack now builds thusly:
C. board, separator, prints, separator, prints,
separator, C. board. Dan