I bought a Galvin back for $50., it measures 5" square, I was going to make a back for my 4X5 Shen Hao, which isn't a bad idea, but decided to make a smaller version of the field camera. I think it will be fun to have a true backpack camera. I have four Grafmatic 23's, over twenty new film holders, several roll backs models 22 and 23. I bought all of this for my Busch 23 2 1/4 X 3 1/4. It has one limitation, it has a small lens board that is not a removable type and would not be able to use larger shutters. A 2 1/4 field camera is so small that I can use some really nice wood. The Hansa looks nice and I've seen it before, the price is a little too high in my mind though.

I finally found a company that will make a film punch to my specifications. I want a die cutter that produces the exact film size for my film holders and specifically the Grafmatic septum's. And I want a corner notch otherwise it's not worth it. There are some great films out there but they are not in 2x3.