I've used an Ebony SW23S, an Arca with all the trimmings and now a Technikardan S in 6x9cm. I've played with a few Horseman's but not used them extensively.

The Technikardan S is by far the best for my purposes because it maintains perfect squarness very well despite being a folding camera. Being square with all movements zeroed is one thing the Arca and Ebony were not as good at and it's extremely important with short focal length lenses typically used in this format.

It sounds like you don't want to spend Linhof money at the moment; it's still worth keeping in mind the importance of being square. From my limited experience with the Horesman VH and VHR, it looks like they would be very easy to keep square but you'll need to check that yourself. You might find their parallel movements a little limiting.

As well as the Galvin I think Toho make a very light 6x9 model that might be worth looking into.

Good luck.