That reminds me of an ugly rb lens that I promised to send to Erie (sorry!)....

I bought an "ugly" mamiya rb lens for purposes of excising the leaf shutter. The thing arrived and I thought, wait, this thing is actually quite good, better than some of the other lenses that I use! But nevertheless I really wanted to get at that leaf shutter and it's in my nature to take things apart. So I pulled out the toolkit and attempted to unscrew the rear element... unfortunately the screw heads were long gone, somebody else must have had similar ill intent toward this particular lens.

I decided to appply the logic of particle physics and simply destroy the lens in order to determine its inner secrets. So I pulled out the hammer and thwacked the front element as hard as I could. Nothing but a small chip. Thwacked it again, as hard as I could, nothing. I then dropped the lens from head height onto cement, not much happened except the cement was chipped. Now after further abuse (throwing, hammering, jumping upon) I did manage to chip up the rear element pretty well. But still she never yielded and the leaf shutter is still in there, silently mocking me. The lens is held together by gluons. (That's why you never got the lens, Erie; I still hold out the hope that one day I will defeat this lens)

I think I will propose to the US military that we lob RB lenses at our enemies rather than depleted uranium. Probably cheaper and less scary sounding when described in the media.