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What the heck is this, besides perhaps overpriced?


It is about 15 minutes from me. Looks like it needs dedicated backs, however, and the shift might be inadequate. I don't want any of the lenses either...at least I don't think I do. Do I?
Nothing wrong with that stuff except the price, as you mentioned. The camera and lenses are about 4 generations from the last versions Horseman made.

So these lenes are silver on gray boards, then came
Black barrels on gray boards then came
Black barrels on black boards (some rescessed), then came
Black barrels that say ER on black boards with the solenoid attached.
I don't know of any changes in optics (except possibly multicoating on the ER lenses, but I have not confirmed this).

Specifically with respect to those lenses, the 150 will have coverage to 4x5"
The 65 will nearly reach 4x5" but later 65mm lenses were on a 5mm recessed board that allowed more movement before hitting the camera body.
The 180 is the only telephoto Horseman made for the 6x9 system. It has limited movement. I think of that one in terms of portraits and such.

The advantages to the Horseman/Topcon optics would be that they SHOULD be much less expensive than the 'usual' 4x5 lenses out there and if you are going to use the rangefinder, they work very well as long as they come with a cam.

You should go look at it. After seeing the camera in person you will either become fond of the Horseman system or decide it's not for you. In person you will see it is more of a precision camera than a Graphic. It is smaller and all metal.