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But also not a clear, definite key.

For instance, the OP is using a Hasselblad. Neither the Hasselblad prisms with built-in meter nor the cameras with built-in meter require a circular polarizer. And all of those 'split' part of the light away towards the metering system.

You could indeed just 'opt' to be on the safe side, and get a circular.
But those are quite a bit more expensive than regular ones, so if you do not need one ...
The expansion on the subject is relevant anyway for those reading and wondering why there are two distinct versions of polarizer and obviously, higher prices for the circular. Yes, I am aware the OP's mentioned Hasselblad is not so endowed with the techie evaluative/matrix stuff the rest of us are using. I imagine the cost for a Hassy POL would be quite substantial.