Really, there are lots of cameras in a wide range of prices that will do what you want.

How portable is "portable" to you, and by portable do you mean lightweight, packs easily, not too bulky, suitable for backpacking, just usable outside a studio, or what exactly?

How wide is "wide"? Just about any 4x5" camera that isn't a specialized wideangle camera will let you easily use lenses in the range of 90-210mm at least. A 90mm lens feels like a 28mm lens on a 35mm camera to me, or at least I would use it in similar situations, and 210mm is a good portrait and tabletop focal length for 4x5". Wider than 75mm narrows your choices a bit, but not by much, as many cameras can accept recessed lensboards or a bag bellows for use with wide lenses, if they can't handle them natively.

Almost any camera made in the last fifty years with a Graflok/International style back will take all the rollfilm formats you mention, and even a camera with a spring back will, but you are more limited to rollfilm backs that slip under the groundglass.

Ebony cameras are nice, but don't become fixated on one camera and let it get in the way of the kind of work you want to do. It's ultimately just a light tight box with a lens on one end and film on the other.