What you might want to take into consideration is that the VH and VH-R models are the only ones with a rotating back. The 985, 980 and 970 do not have a rotating back and therefore you have to put the camera sideways on a tripod for vertical shots. There is a tripod attachment on the left side of the camera as well as on the bottom. The VH models also have an extra tripod attachment on the left side of the body but I do not see much use for that myself.

Before I bought my VH-R I did some research on the internet. From what I have learned, the Horseman Super lenses will cover 5x4 though I have no idea if they give much room for movements on 5x4. Plenty however on 6x9 and the quality on the edges of the picture should also be better compared to lenses designated for 6x9 only. The lenses that have an ER designation are multicoated. I have 2 Super ER lenses, a 75 and a 180mm. My other lens is a Topcor 5.6 150mm meant for 5x4, also multicoated.

I shot my first roll yesterday so later this week I will no more about the quality of these lenses. From a mechanical point of view the quality seems very good.