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Does your lens board look like this one?:

Yes that's pretty much the one.
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Yes, they were designed way back when Meopta enlarging lenses were quite small, and don't work with most modern lenses that I know of. I'd actually designed myself a straight-sided one, but never got around to machining it. And then I came across a cheap Beseler 23CIII, and didn't go any further with it. I think I've still got the blueprint, if you want to track down a machine shop that could make one for you, but it may well be cost prohibitive.

As far as an 80mm lens is concerned, I wouldn't think you'd have the same problem if, as you say, you'd be mounting it on the back of the cup.
Good point re: the 80mm. As I see I have a couple of options here, I can either try tracking down a suitable lens board, or I can sell the 50mm Nikkor (or attach it to my spare Axomat 5) and get an 80mm Nikkor as I planned and use that to print my 35mm's -- althought that will limit the print size I can go to.

D'oh -- and I had this Nikkor sitting on my coffee table for 5 days before even thinking I better check it fits! I made sure the thread on the Opemus 5 was 39mm which it is, but never thought that the physical fatness of the lens would cause issues!