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The issue isn't so much the lens thread size as that is fine, it's the lens board's convex/concave design is just curved a little too much and the lens is fatter than the diameter of the convex section of the lens board, meaning I can push the lens far up enough to get it to screw in.
If the problem is just with the "deep" end of the lens board, perhaps you could take the lens board and lens to a machine shop to have them custom-build a new one with a sharper curve in that end of the board. OTOH, that might cost as much as or more than a new lens. I'm not sure what high-quality lenses would fit. Based on the sizes of my own lenses, the Russian-made Vega-11U would probably fit, but it's not quite as sharp as the Nikon EL-Nikkor f/2.8 (at least, my Vega isn't quite as sharp as my Nikon).