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Good morning;

The additional discussion of the differences in the two types of polarizing filters commonly available certainly is appropriate. The differences in the two types really become noticeable when you are comparing the prices for a 112 mm or a 122 mm polarizing filter.

Oh, why did I want that big lens anyway? Bigger filters, a Wimberley gimbal head, a bigger tripod, . . . . .

I imagine a 112 or 122mm C-POL would cost a king's random indeed, moreso if it's a Kaisseman (i.e. B+W's venerated objet de art). I have always been much aggrieved at the high cost of smaller by comparison C-POL filters ie. going from 67mm to 77mm incurred a $39 increase! Fortunately, only once bitten: step-up/down rings are used to good effect now.