Up until now, my LF lens colelction has consisted of coated lenses such as the Optar 90 and 135, Ektar 127, Kodak Anastigmat 203 (coated) and an uncoated 150mm Unofokal and 135mm Tessar. I just picked up a Crown Graphic that came with Nikkor-W 150mm f5.6 and Nikkor-SW 90mm f8. Issue of crisp accurate shutters aside, will the multi-coated (I assume) glass really buy me that much when shooting B&W? WIll they be much sharper than the vintage lenses (the 203 is pretty sharp) Will contrast be much better? Or are these just slight advantages unless I shoot color film? It would be nice to just keep them both (not to mention the top-RF Crown) but something's got to go to pay for it all. Yes, I could start shooting through film trying to figure it out for myself but something's got to go sooner rather than later (and the longer I hold onto it the harder it is to let it go). SO, those of you who've been at this a while, what do you think?