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I'll hopefully be getting the 9x12's made in about 3 weeks, when I'm back in the UK. PM on it's way goldie

There's a lot of skills out there in the community we don't think about tapping into, or even appreciate are there. When I bought my first LF camera a De Vere a leaf spring on the back was broken, my father took it to work -n the new springs ere better than the originals.

Ole, for other sizes I would ideally need some scrap film & a plate holder, but in reality you should already have access to engineering workshops that could make them for you.

If I were going to tackle a project like this I would consider getting a male/female letterpress die pair made up and stamp some sort of rigidity pattern in the sheet before bending it up such as the Kodak ones have.
Most small letterpresses such as the Heidelberg platen could deliver enough pressure. Even an arbor press.
Bend the lips long enough to handle and then mill them to size. Not try to form those tiny lips same size. Better yet rim them to size with a horizontal mill and slitting saw.
Just my late night rant