Hello guys.
To simplify my life in the darkroom I have put together a page of the times of the two developers and the films I use. I have binders with all the information I get from the manufacturers' pdfs, film boxes and the Massive Dev Chart but to make it easier for me I put them together in a page a la Ilford.
The films and E.I.'s I list are the ones I use regularly so far:
Ilford PanF+, FP4+, HP5+, Delta 100-3200, Kodak Tri-X, T-MAX 100-400 and Agfa's APX 100. Unfortunately films like the Bergger, Fujis, Efkes, etc are not found at all around here (even though I have tried BRF 200).
I use D-76 for general developing and Rodinal for that extra character. Even those two guys I have to order so I only concentrated on those (around here PQ Universal and Ilfosol S are easily bought in the stores but I don't like them).

Can you guys help me fill in the blanks?