ebay, ebay, ebay. What ebay? Who needs ebay when they have APUG?

Hey you guys take it easy, your riding in like a bunch of thirsty cowboys in Tucson. Come on now, don't get all riled up and get a burr under your saddle. I will get the show on the road just like I said I would. And, if I recall, I said I would nail up the shingle on or about the end of the month. I have to get them sorted, cleaned and package about 5 or 6 in a box so I can determine the shipping. I will be scouting out shippers because my shipper of choice, UPS has pimped me out one time too many. They are pouring it to me big time and I believe I will look into Fed-Ex and USPS to level the playing field. I like to get one cost for the CONUS. I have about 65 of the holders and 20 dark film plates. I would estimate that 70% are in very good condition. Another 20% show moderate signs of use. And 10% are well used but are still useful in the camera. The new holders are not for sale, sorry but they are going to be for the new camera. OH! I found a bunch of Hawes 35mm reels about 30 of them. And, in addition, I have located a sizable number of 4X5 stainless steel film hangers that I have used in the vertical position in Rectangular Stainless Steel development tanks. These are great if you enjoy developing a number of negatives vertically and don't mind the wait of slow developing due to very diluted developer and minimal agitation. That's it for now. I have a bunch of negative plates for enlargers but it would be a smorgasbord affair dealing with this junk.