The Nikkor-SW 90 mm f8 is a legendary lens in that it weighs a lot less than its f4.5 counterparts, but covers the same field of view. This is not the case for the Nikkor-SW 75 mm f8 or the Nikkor-SW 120 mm f8; those two have a smaller image circle than their faster siblings at the same focal lengths. Additionally, your 90 is supposed to be sharper than the Nikkor-SW 90mm f4.5. How much this will get you shooting B&W - I don't know. But if you don't want the Nikkors, I'll take them off your hands if the price is OK (like you, I can't just buy any lens I fancy, ....) But in the catalog of modern lenses from Nikkor, your 90 mm is one of the sweet spots. Do you have a camera that can take advantage of the larger image circle?

Either way, the only wrong decisions are to hide all them in a closet, or give them all away (unless it's to me, ....)