I use both modern glass and older uncoated lenses. The modern glass does have a higher contrast, which is most noticable when flare comes into play. But the older glass is more "fun" to use, for some reason which is hard to explain. I kind of like the "softer sharpness". Also from time to time there is that glow, which seem harder to get with the modern glass. (But at other times there is only flare ) It's kind of strange, but I found myself on several occations out somewhere, having decided to use only my 150mm Symmar-S, but after a few shots I have my hands in my backpack while uttering something like "my precious" in a strange voice. (It's a Heliar I'm looking for...)
Anyhow, if you've calibrated your development for the single-coated lenses, you could deduct maybe 5% of the dev.time for starters to get somewhat similar results. There shouldn't be much difference. And also do set the meter at 1/3 stop lower than before. (The lack of flare lowers the film sensitivity a bit.)