Hi all!

I dont know if this is posted in the right subforum, but I dont know where else to put it, so here it goes:

Today my dad got me a strange photographic device (at least to me its strange) He found it somewhere and he doesnt know what it is either.

If you look closely, youll find a Mamiya Sekor-CU 65mm F5.6 lens and a polaroid back with the Mamiya brand on it. The whole thing is made of metal (except for the polaroid back) and its about 30cm long. I think theres something missing at the front, because there seem to be 4 contacts on the front (with wires inside leading to the lens) and some 'hinges' (dont know if I use the right word) where there should be little door I think.





Is there anyone who can tell me what this is? Ive searched but couldnt find any helpful information

I hope you APUG-users can help me!