I went through most of the other threads on this but didn't find anything pertaining to my question. I have an Aristo cold lite(V54) and am using Freestyle edu ultra VC paper(FOMA). I seem to have the opposite issue of most of the folks on other threads: my tests with both the cold lite and on my B&J Solar(tungsten diffusion) show a definite softness with the edu ultra VC. So much so I question my negative development times. I tested a negative at normal dev with Slavich graded(#3) and it is about what I would expect..highlighs need some burning and maybe use a soft developer. With the VC(edu ultra) I need to use a a #4 filter for about the same effect. Any one else had this soft experience? I can develope a highlight zone 8 to a density of about 1.6 and still print it as Z8 with a #3 filter?