Nikon F2 is what I enjoy shooting with the most. It's hard to describe why. I do love the precision all mechanical instrument rugged feel. My favorite lenses for this camera (all pre-AI) are a 24/2.8, 100/2.5 and 200/4. I'm not a big fan of the 35/2.8 (low contrast) or 300/4.5 (hard to focus). The 50/1.4 is ok, though I suspect what is today called bokeh was never a consideration when this lens was designed.

Unfortunately, all of my best glass today is EF mount, for which I use an Elan 7E and 30D. The Elan does an excellent job of making photos, though it's void of all the type of enjoyment that I get from the F2. I'd trade the Elan for a 1V in a heartbeat if they weren't so prized.