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If you're happy with everything else in the frame going off the charts then it is possible. You will need flat lighting. I can tell you which film I would think is best for this (kodak ept/160t or e200 or in 35mm only kodaks 1600), but I think you'd be better off running some tests. Shooting chromes is pretty exacting, crossing chromes requires even more precision.
Kodak films will be slightly better than Fuji (fuji's films turn way green/yellow). Newer kodak films go green. When you filter out the green you'll get nice pink skin add (read subtract from the filter pack) some yellow and you'll have really really warm skin tones.
You can mitigate some of the contrast by slightly over exposing (.25 - .5 stop) and pulling the film a full stop. First you have to test the film and know how to expose it normally.
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What's considered 'flat lighting'?
What filters are best used to filter Kodak's green for warm skin tones?
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