Ian, if you can post the pictures of the kodak holders it would be interesting to see the difference between these and euro holders, i suspect they are simular to kodak larger format film sheaths. i cant imagine the small 9x12 size would benifit too much by pressing rigidity paterns into them. at least the couple of different euro types i have dont seem to need them.

curious how much these are going to cost you to make, i have a local firm that will order in the thin sheet and laser cut me some (i looked into it quite some time back so they have my plans on their computer, but other things keep cropping up for me to do instead, so i havnt placed the order yet) but its not exactly cheap---i have around a dozen which is generaly enough but there are times when i want more (another ten or so) so i have been meaning to get them done--to make it economical though i would get one or two sheets of steel cut and have to sell of the holders i dont need, which i figured might take a while lol