I love my Durst 138 (cold light head) ... the head cannot quite make it to the top due to the lower ceiling in my current darkroom ... but I swear, I'd rather cut a hole in the roof before I ever discard the 138!! I had a 'short' in the circuit recently and my friends father (who was once a specialist electrician in the Antarctic) fixed it for a 'slab' (24 cans of beer in Australia) ..... he did it in an afternoon and as it was a Saturday he couldn't source high voltage cord until he realised the local motor-mower shop stocked miles of it. This story is probably not so related to the thread but nevertheless part of the 138 story! I also replaced the old tram wheels it originally had and replaced them with some good quality castors which did compromise the total height of the enlarger, hence now I can't jack it up to it's maximum.