I don't know what kind of 8x10 you're trading for, but thought I'd mention the Wehman 8x10
It's light and I really like it.
I normally have the ground glass masked for 5x8, as mentioned in the 5x7 thread.
I use lithograper's tape for masking the ground glass, not regular masking tape.
That tape is red but you can see through it. I find that it helps me to compose, but yet really doesn't
interfer with composing for 8x10, as did regular masking tape.

Also, there are many formats "within" an 8x10, i.e. 5.5x8 as you like, 4x10, 6x10, 6.5x8.5
Often, I'll just mask for 1 format, i.e., 5x8 and go to an area and only shoot that.
Then I might go back to the same area masked for 6x10
I then trim down the 8x10 neg to whatever format I was composing for, plus a little extra for handling purposes
I suppose if you shot a lot of film, it might eventually be cheaper to get a dedicated camera, i.e. 5x8

Also, I sometimes backpack with the 8x10, but it gets heavy with lenses, film holders etc.

There's a long, like 100 miles, maintained trail where I live that follows a river with lots of cottonwoods.

I'm going to shoot that next summer. I tried backpacking it last summer and it was difficult after 5 miles.

So, I got a Sherpa Cart, see sherpacart.com. I'll probably use the cart + a lighter pack. My Wehman fits
into the cart, along with water, lenses and film holders. I can put other stuff in the back pack.