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I have a new Chamonix 4x5 and three CLA'd Compurs to mount in its lensboards. Here's an incredibly silly micro-detail question for the class:

How do you mount the shutters? I mean, at what orientation? Seems to me like you'd want to mount them with the cable-release sockets oriented so that the cable release hangs vertically, minimizing strain. Assuming I can still see the shutter speed and aperture settings, that is.

How do you all do this? Any other thoughts? And yes, I need to get a life. This is the sort of question that pops into my head during my morning commute. Maybe it's obvious with shutters and boards in front of me....

The "right" way would be with the shutter name at the bottom. This often results in the aperture and speed scales being at the top, which means you can't see them when the camera is on a tall tripod. I always mount lenses so that the scales are on one side and clearly visible. Of course, with smaller lens panels, it's often a matter of finding an orientation where the adjusting levers don't foul on the front standard.