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Basically I looked for a midtone, metered that for zone 5. I then checked the fall of highlights and shadows to check shadows fell where I wanted (guestimated they should) and the same for highlghts. I then made the usual sacrifices by stopping down if the highlights looked like they were going to blow or opening up if the shadows were going to block....hardly scientific. As I cannot visualise colour values in the same way (used TTL when I used to do colour years ago), I hope I have not gone far wrong. Needless to say, I bracketed...a lot.
Thinking about this a bit. Bracketing is a good idea, but you need to also realize that color work is much different than B&W; you don't have as much latitude in the film - and you really don't need it. You can get good results metering off a medium tone green (such as grass), a grey rock, or even an midday blue. It sounds like your metering technique was fine, your images will probably come out quite well. FWIW, I only do landscapes, primarily in color, and I've found that the most valuable filters for this work is a 1, 2, and 3 stop, soft-grad neutral density filter.