I would recommend staying away from any odd-numbered 2-digit Nikon camera. The mid spec cameras always end in "0", like F80, F90, F100 -- you will do well with those. The F65, F75, etc. are the low end consumer rigs, with inferior build quality and reduced feature sets. Among the things you'll give up is the ability to set your own film speed (DX only), and you will be stuck with only "Idiot mode" exposure control such as Landscape, portrait, sports, etc.

Also, I would stay away from the 28-100, no matter what body you buy. It has a plastic lens mount, and the most recent edition of the Nikon Compendium rated it as perhaps the worst lens Nikon ever made. Now, I don't believe everything I read, but in my opinion, the information in that particular tome is accurate and fair. Suggest you look at an F80 and perhaps a later model 24-120 lens.