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Have any members bought from rugift?

I'm in the market for an Horizon 203 and these folk are reasonably priced. Are they a pleasure to deal with?


I have had good results and a pleasant experience. I think it was Natalya with whom I dealt. I was so impressed with the Kiev Nikon-mount Slr I bought for, I think it was fity nine bucks, I bought a second one for my niece. After a long time waiting, and trips to the local post office, I contacted RuGift, which informed me the camera had been sent. They sent out a new one. The day I emailed to inform them that the new camera had arrived, they told me that the original camera had been returned by my post office as undelivered. I read the riot act to my local post office. Because of RuGift's handling of the situation, I bought a 250 mm lens for my Kiev 88 and told them that I was purchasing a lens I really did not need (as if that can ever be true, right Apugers? ) because they had been so helpful. I bought, also, a Fotosniper outfit from them after I dropped mine at Wrigley Field in Chicago and thought--no way it'sll ever work again. My repair guy got it working. I still have a NIB Fotosniper I would sell for a good price, anyone being interested. This was all several years ago.
FWIW, I have heard the Horizonts are more trouble prone than most Soviet designed and Russian-Ukrainian-built cameras.