I will be having kids (10 or 11 years old to 18 y.o.) learning development and printing in my darkroom. There are only a few of them right now but I will never know from year to year how many will want to try photography! I want to set up a list of rules that they must sign and abide by in the darkroom. A couple of rules I thought of are to always wear gloves and eye protection (I'll provide) when handeling chems, No horseplay, ...??? Anything that you can think of that would be good to have on a list of darkroom rules would be so helpful.

I'll probebly charge them a small yearly fee for printing and develping ($5 or $10 or so plus the cost of film wich I will order so we are all useing the same stuff for beginning). I may do a per session ($1.00 ? ) wich might be more fair for those that may only do one roll of black and white or just a pin hole print. This will of course not cover the cost of supplies but I don't want anyone left out that would like to learn. I'm still coming up with ideas. We will only be developing and printing Black and White.

The plumbing and electric should go in this next week (I hope) so, although behind schedule I will have a darkroom! I'm hoping that I'll be able to be in the next postcard exchange! There will only be room for 1 or 2 at a time in there as it's tiny! I need to do a bit of practice myself before I try and show anyone else what to do! Thanks for any ideas any of you may have.